Design Cell is an internationally recognized landscape architecture and planning firm established in 1987.

As a multi-disciplinary international firm, Design Cell offers a wide range of professional services. Since 1987, the firm�s partners are dedicated to creative and technical excellence and high quality service, while providing cost effective and practical design.

Our landscapes are firmly rooted in a comprehensive understanding of site and context, which are developed in conjunction with the client to create spaces that have positive impact.

A rapidly globalized world reveals unparallel opportunities for the profession to reinvent the traditional tools of landscape design in order to create places with local nuance. Design Cell is a complete solution provider with an innovative outlook, which gives each project a timeless value. Issues of environmental and ecological concern, sustainability and energy efficiency form an intrinsic part of our approach.

We enthusiastically seek out challenging projects by working in diverse contexts and cultures. From Mumbai to New York, we see an evolution in the way landscape architecture is practiced and our global footprint allows us to leverage this crosspollination across locales. Design Cell has offices at two locations: Delhi NCR and Mumbai, with a total strength of 40 people. We employ a talented group of landscape architects, urban designers, architects, horticulturists and engineers.
We have a set of unwavering principles that are applied no matter where our project work takes us. They have emerged from growing in developing countries where the public realm has unique set of pressure than most of the developed countries like USA. Having successfully honed our work in India, we are uniquely equipped to adapt and apply our knowledge and experience to any site context in any part of world

Our work is guided by few underlying principles, which form the underpinning theory of our approach towards any design:

VALUES - addressing public interest will result higher yield for individuals too




We believe that in order to create a design with lasting distinction one needs to understand and create a planning framework.

Master planning sets the framework for long term economical, cultural and environmental sustainability. The contemporary practice of landscape architecture increasingly demands collaborative efforts with architects, planners, engineers and other related professionals.

Design Cell understands the wisdom of collaboration and believes in drawing on a diverse group of professionals in order to develop smart design solutions. This perspective allows us to produce successful master planning projects as well as detailed project specific designs.

We pride ourselves on following projects through conception to construction.